The Army Boxing Association is an affiliated member of England Boxing and has been since 1882. The Association is responsible for delivering the sport boxing in a safe environment for British soldiers across the world.

The Army Boxing Association hosts 2 competitions annually. The Army Inter Unit Championships which is a team competition that is steeped in history and has been for over 100 years with units competing in matches against each other in a knockout format with the competition concluding in May each year. The second is the Army Individual Championships which incorporates the Inter Corps Competition and is run in a tournament format over the course of a week in early June.

Army Boxing also supports a full time boxing squad on a fully embedded performance programme including international level coaching, strength and conditioning, nutrition, physio, sports psychology and lifestyle, all delivered at the Home of Army Boxing in Aldershot. The Army Boxing Team is an extremely successful team with a number of international boxers who are on national performance programmes, with Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Scotland and the Philippines.

All of the members of the Army Boxing Team are serving soldiers and are required to achieve the highest standards outside of the ring in their careers as well as inside of it as sportsmen and women.

1 Royal Anglian Inter Coys21/02/202224/02/2022Cyprus
13 AASR RLC Inter Coys07/03/202210/03/2022Colchester
Level 1 Coach Course - Hosted by Royal Engineers07/03/202210/03/2022Woodbridge
Inter Services Semi Finals14/03/202214/03/2022Aldershot
3 RIFLES Inter Coys14/03/202217/03/2022Edinburgh
Inter Services Finals16/03/202216/03/2022RAF Halton
Idris Elba Fight School16/03/202216/03/2022York Hall, London
3 PARA v 1RSME17/03/202217/03/2022Colchester
1 RHA Boxing Night17/03/202217/03/22Larkhill
Army Female Elite Team v London v India18/03/202218/03/2022Aldershot
Royal Artillery Corps Championships21/03/202224/03/2022Larkhill
104 Inter Bde Championships21/03/202224/03/2022Cirencester
4 Regt RLC Inter Sqns21/03/202224/03/2022Abingdon
11 (RSS) Signal Regiment Boxing Night24/03/202224/03/2022Blandford
6 Regt RLC Inter Sqns24/03/202224/03/2022Thirsk
Royal Engineers Corps Championships28/03/202231/03/2022Chatham
RMAS Boxing Night29/03/202229/03/2022Sandhurst
AGC Corps Championships30/03/202230/03/2022Worthy Down
2 YORKS Inter Coys31/03/202206/04/2022Cyprus
2 RIFLES Inter Coys04/04/202207/04/2022Northern Ireland
1 Scots Guards Boxing Night06/04/202206/04/2022Catterick
1st Bn Welsh Guards Boxing Night06/04/202206/04/2022Windsor
Level 1 Coach Course11/04/202214/04/2022Aldershot
8 Trg Bn REME Boxing Night13/04/202213/04/2022Lyneham
22 Engineers Inter Sqns25/04/202227/04/2022
Level 1 Coach Course02/05/202205/05/2022Aldershot
Major Units Final - 3 PARA v 1RRF12/05/202212/05/2022Aldershot
Level 1 Boxing Coach Course - Hosted by Royal Engineers16/05/202219/05/2022Chatham
1st Bn Grenadier Guards Inter Coys23/05/202226/05/2022Aldershot
RLC Corps Championships23/05/202226/05/2022
RMAS v Oxford University Boxing Night01/06/202201/06/2022Oxford University
Army Individuals Championships06/06/202209/06/2022Aldershot
Royal Signals Corps Championships13/06/202216/06/2022Blandford
1 YORKS Inter Coys14/06/202216/06/2022Catterick
Haringey Box Cup17/06/202219/06/2022Alexandra Palace Way, London
Level 1 Boxing Coach Course20/06/202223/06/2022Aldershot
Household Division Boxing Championships30/06/202230/06/2022Aldershot
Level 1 Boxing Coach Course - Hosted by Royal Engineers11/07/202214/07/2022Ripon
Level 2 Boxing Coach course08/08/202211/08/2022Aldershot
Level 1 Boxing Coach Course29/08/202201/09/2022Aldershot
Level 1 Boxing Coach Course - Hosted by Royal Engineers19/09/202222/09/2022Chatham
Level 1 Boxing Coach Course03/10/202206/10/2022Aldershot
Level 2 Boxing Coach Course10/10/202213/10/2022Aldershot
1 Mercian Boxing Night13/10/202213/10/2022Bulford