Weigh In



1. The Weigh in is an integral part of any boxing event and must be completed professionally by a registered and qualified boxing official.

There are two types of Weigh in; General Weigh or Daily Weigh in.

General Weigh In – this is the weigh in that takes place at the start of a tournament where all the boxers involved in the tournament must weigh in to enter the tournament not all the boxers will box on the day of the General Weigh In. This can be a long process with lots of boxers and can involve more than 1 set of scales.

Daily Weigh In – this is a weigh in where the boxer weighing in is scheduled to box on the day of the weigh in.


2. Weighing scales are to be used to weigh-in all boxers and reserves as described below. Army BA recommends the use of self-calibrating digital scales which only require an annual calibration and will only need to be brought to the venue in time for the weigh in. Analogue scales (those with hanging or sliding weights) are no longer to be used for boxing weigh ins. The certification of inspection, calibration and accuracy is to be given to the OIC Weigh-In, who, in turn, is to pass it on to the Supervisor.


3. The Single Service Officials Officer or Regional Secretary will appoint an OIC of the weigh-in and the venue.

4. The OIC Weigh in is to:

a. Ensure that all boxers and reserves are in possession of a current and valid Registration Card.

b. Check each individuals MOD Form 90 (ID Card) and gum-shield.

c. Ensure that the scales to be used are calibrated and have a current calibration certificate (Annex A to Section 10 (Self Calibrating Digital Scales require an annual calibration only)). The certificate is to be passed to the Supervisor.

d. Weigh in all of the eligible boxers and certify the weight of each individual and record the details on the Weigh-In Proforma (Annex B 1,or 2 to Section 10) and confirm the nominated boxers in bout order on the OIC Weigh in Nominated Boxers Form and hand to the Supervisor on Annex C to Section 8.

e. Ensure that the Team Manager/Coach produces the Certificates of Eligibility (Annex A to Section 9) where appropriate (when boxing against a boxer from another unit or a civilian), signed by Commanding Officers and pass them to the Official-in-Charge.

Sign and date the OIC’s Weigh-In Declaration Form (Annex D to Section 10) and pass it to the Official-in-Charge.



5. The Weigh in may take place before the boxers Pre Bout Medicals.

6. Team Competitions. In team competition weigh-ins, each team, including reserves, is to be weighed-in separately using the same scales at the same venue and without undue delay between the teams.

7. Individual Competitions. In individual competitions, each boxer is to be weighed in at the same venue using the same scales.

8. Weight Category Rule. As a general rule, it should be noted that no boxer is permitted to take part in a contest where the weight differential is greater than that allowed in the championship weight category (see matchmaking Section 4).

9. Nudity. Male and Females Elite and Development boxers are permitted to remove all clothing to make weight. Where possible the official conducting the weigh in should be the same gender as the boxer. If this is not possible a screen or large towel can be held up by a chaperone.

10. Junior and Youth Boxers.

Juniors and Youth boxers must weigh-in dressed in shorts or underpants. (Chaperone is required for boxers under 17 years of age).

11. Timings. The following timing rules shall apply to weigh-ins:

Official scales to be inspected, calibrated and sealed within 48 hours of the event.

The time between the end of the General Weigh in and the start of boxing should not be less than 6 hours and no more than 12 hours.

The time between the end of a Daily Weigh in and the start of boxing should not be less than 3 hours and no more than 12 hours.

The official scales will remain securely sealed until the official time for the weigh-in and be opened only by the OIC Weigh-In.

The official scales are open for a maximum of 2 hours only.

12. Check Scales – A check scale is permitted (these are a second set of identical scales to the official scales and are to be calibrated as such and are to be freely available to boxers to check their weight prior to weighing in on the official scale.

13. Weighing in – Each boxer may have 1 official weigh in but in the case of only 1 set of scales being available boxers are permitted to visit the scales as often as required within the stated weigh in period to achieve the weight. The boxer is to declare to the OIC Weigh in which visit is their official Weigh in.

14.Team Representatives. One team representative from each team may attend the weigh-in but is not permitted to interfere in any way.

Weigh In Documents