Army Boxing Association
Concise Guide to Event Organisation

1. The organisation of a boxing tournament can appear to be a daunting task. There are a number of outside agencies involved and detailed long-term planning is essential if the event is to be a success. Boxing Officers are strongly advised to liaise with Regional Boxing Secretaries (see Section 1) well in advance of the date(s).

2. The responsibility for accounting, correspondence and general management of a boxing event is to be vested in a commissioned officer. Technical advice on the set up of the ring area and training issues should be sought from Regional Army BA Secretaries (See Section 1) and RAPTC personnel.


3. Well in advance of the tournament/fixture; agree dates with Commanding Officer(s) and Army BA that will facilitate the preparation required;

a. Boxing Officer.

(1) Unit Affiliation. Each Unit is required to complete a Unit Affiliation Section 4 Annex A application prior to the commencement of any boxing training successful applications will receive a Certificate of Affiliation from the Army BA

(2) Certificate of Assurance. An application must be made to the Army Boxing Association 12 weeks in advance, applications are at Section8 Annex A

Boxing involving civilians or a civilian venue requires communication with the appropriate authorities (civilian regional association secretary of the event, civilian regional association secretary of the boxers, G2 branch of the regional HQ and the venue) by the Army Boxing Secretary is imperative, see Annex B to Section 8.

(3) Ring and Officials. Boxing rings and officials for military boxing events are controlled by Regional Secretaries, applications must be made 12 weeks in advance to allow appropriate planning time. Contact details for Regional Army BA Secretaries are at Section 1.

(4) Tournament planning. The Boxing Officer is to agree an appropriate time for the duration of the competition in accordance with the rules of Amateur Boxing.


a. May not include more than 26 bouts on a single day.
b. No boxer is permitted to box more than once on a single day.
c. Boxing should be programmed as per the example overleaf unless there is scope for rest days (where possible rest days are encouraged to benefit the recovery of the boxers).

Example of Service Boxing Tournament

  • Day 1 Round of 16 – up to 26 bouts 1 ring more than 26 bouts 2 rings are required
  • Day 2 Quarter Finals
  • Day 3 Semi Finals
  • Day 4 Finals

If there are more than 16 boxers entered in to the competition at the same weight then an extra day of boxing will need to be planned at the beginning of the tournament.

a. Boxers

All information related to boxers can be found at Section 4 – Boxers

b. Officials.

(1) Para-medics. See Section 12 – Ringside Medical Support to Boxing. Contact details for Preferred Paramedic companies are at Annex A.1 to Section 8. Some of these companies cover a wide area and for multiple days of competition may ask for accommodation, this must be unit mess accommodation and not hotel accommodation.

(2) Medical Officer. See Section 12 -Ringside Medical Support to Boxing.

(3) Referees & Judges. Apply for referees and judges/timekeepers from the Formation Army BA Officials’ Secretary. Where formation Army BA Officials’ Secretaries are unable to provide the requisite number of officials or officials of the required standard for an event to take place, they are to apply to the Secretary Army BA Major Panel Officials, through the Secretary Army BA, for assistance. A minimum of three weeks’ notice is required. Under no circumstances are officials to be requested by any other means. Host units will be responsible for hosting officials and providing accommodation, if required.

(4) Dress for Officials The dress for officials is in line with the rules of boxing, i.e. Blazer White Shirt and Black Trousers etc, this is to allow Referees who are also qualified Judges to judge throughout the competition. If you wish officials who are annotated as Judges only to wear Mess Dress the boxing officer should contact the Army BA as early as possible to discuss.

(5) Internal Officials. Arrange for internal officials via the unit chain of command. Ensure that the Master of Ceremonies (MC) receives a copy of the brief at Annex B to Section 6.

(6) OIC Weigh-In. Contact the formation Army BA rep to appoint an OIC Weigh-In (must be a qualified boxing official registered with Army BA) and agree the date, time and venue for the weigh-in to be conducted.

c. Weighing Scales. Arrange for a suitable set of weighing scales (approved electronic scales are permissible) to be inspected, calibrated and certified using Annex A to Section 10 at least 48 hours prior to the event. Once checked, the scales are to be securely sealed by the engineer and are not to be moved. Ensure that the certificate of calibration is handed to the OIC Weigh In on arrival.

d. Equipment. Ensure that all boxing equipment complies with the AIBA-approved pattern and is serviceable. Book all of the equipment necessary for the event via the unit chain of command.

e. Event Documentation. Ensure that all technical documentation necessary for the event is current Army BA (Section 11). Check with formation Army BA reps. Arrange for the programme to be designed and printed.

f. Boxing Ring. Liaise with the formation G7 PD Branch for the provision of a 4-rope boxing ring and the ancillary equipment. Arrange for RAPTC assistance with the set-up of the boxing ring to ensure that the lay out conforms to current Army BA rulings (Annex D & E to Section 8)

g. Fire Inspection. Arrange for an advisory fire inspection visit, during the fire inspection you will be told the seating capacity of your venue.

h. Emergency Lighting Plan. Lighting Plan. Adequate lighting is required for the field of play and more specifically, above the boxing ring. The organisers are responsible for ensuring that this is provided. All lighting should be thoroughly inspected prior to the event. An emergency lighting plan must also be considered, this may involve an ‘on call’ duty electrician.

i. Band/Pipes & Drums. Book external Bands or Pipes & Drums well in advance. The band programme is usually organised at least 6 months in advance. If music is to be utilised within the overall show, arrange for a ‘DJ’.

j. VIPs/Guests/Sponsors. Liaise with PAs to VIPs reference availability and itineraries. Issue invitations to guests and sponsors and arrange for suitable hosting arrangements for visitors.

k. Trophies/Medals. Arrange for annual/perpetual trophies to be returned in a clean, engraved and serviceable condition. Ascertain which individual trophies/medals are to be awarded and order them and any engraving well in advance.

l. Function Venues. Agree the format of the event with the Commanding Officer (CO). Write to Mess PMCs for agreement to use the various Messes. Organise catering, security, fire cover etc. Draft the Administrative Order for CO’s approval and disseminate once given.


4. Related Boxing Rules. Boxing Officers should be aware of a number of rules that can limit the inclusion of boxers in competitions or events See Section 4 Boxers Para Related rules.

5. Disqualifications. The circumstances relating to any disqualification are to be reported by the Official IC using Annex H to Section 10 to the individual’s CO. Disqualified boxers do not normally receive a medal/individual trophy. Only the Official IC can decide that a disqualified boxer may receive a medal/individual trophy.


6. The major post-event task is to conduct the event ‘wash-up’. Lessons learned and improvements must be discussed with those responsible, accounts need to be balanced and audited and letters of thanks written to sponsors and outside agencies. Upon receipt of the bill for para-medics forward it to the formation G7 PD Branch or relevant office for processing (do not send a photocopy as the Financial Branch will not process them).

a. Tournament Record Sheet must be faxed to the Army BA Sec (94222 7094) the day after the event, a copy held by the unit and the original should be sent via post to ARMY BA Sec.
b. The Event Score Cards are to be filed for a period of no less than 30 days.