Boxing Team

British Army Boxing Team

The Army Boxing Team appears at venues around the UK, boxing mainly against civilian opposition to gain the experience required to compete at the highest level. Team appearances vary from one to ten boxers, at differing weights and experience levels. The Army Boxing Team is highly regarded in the Amateur Boxing scene for being competitive, fit, determined, on weight, on time and as good ambassadors for the Army.

Army Boxing Development Team 2016

Army Elite Boxing Team

British Army Development Team 2015

Meet The Army Team Members

Cpl Williams

Cpl Burton

Cpl Stead

LCpl Chezerea Nihell 1 PWRR

LCpl Natty Negwenya Grenadier Guards

LCpl Ben Rees Davies Royal Welsh

LCpl Woods

LCpl Knight

LCpl John Marvin 1 PWRR

LCpl Kyle Morrison RLC

LCpl Mason Holmes RLC

LCpl Shamim Khan RLC

LCpl Jones

Gnr Thapa

Gnr Ryan Fillingham 29 CDO RA

Spr Sam Webster 26 Eng Regt

LCpl Alanna Murphy RLC

LCpl Megan Reid (RLC)

LCpl Kerry-Anne Aaron RLC

Gnr Artingshall

Pte Love

GDSM Plummer

Fus Sean Eng

Cpl Stephanie Wroe AAC

Spr Jones

Head Coach: SSGT (SSI) JD Browring RAPTC

Coach: Cpl Gavin Taylor 1 PWRR