Unit Registration

How to Register

All units who wish to take part in any boxing are to ensure that they affiliate to the Army Boxing Association on a seasonal basis by completing Annex A to Section 7 and returning it to the Secretary of the Army Boxing Association at the commencement of the season, each successful application will be awarded a Certificate of Affiliation which will be copied to the Regional Secretary.


a. Be aware of FRAGO 01 to OPO14/002 – The Army’s approach to Risk To Life Sport and Adventurous Training. It is the responsibility of the Boxing Officer to ensure the Commanding Officer is fully briefed on ensuring that all boxing activities must be conducted in accordance with the advice given in the FRAGO and this publication.

b. Any team undertaking boxing training must be affiliated to the Army BA. The affiliation criteria is detailed below, all aspects of the process must be completed thoroughly and an application sent to Army BA for action, any issues discovered in following the affiliation process must be addressed at this point.

Criteria for Affiliation

i. Safe Training Environment – Check Equipment and location used for training, this needs to be well lit, with enough space to conduct training safely. Equipment must be clean and serviceable – your level 2 coach will be able to help with this.

ii. Coaches Registrations – check to make sure that unit coaches qualifications are valid and have been registered with the Army BA through-out; you must have a level 2 coach.

iii. Ensure that the Health and Safety Officer has signed off all Risk Assessments that pertain to the unit boxing team

a. Boxers Medicals are booked with the unit SMO.

b. Ensure all training programmes are reviewed by the Senior Coach. (minimum Level 2).

c. Ensure that all sparring is supervised in an appropriate location in accordance with the advice given in Section and with an action plan for any serious injuries.