Unit Registration

How to Register

Unit Registration

  1. All units who wish to take part in any boxing are to ensure that they affiliate to the their sS Boxing Association on a seasonal basis by completing Annex A to Section 7 and sending it to the sS Secretary or Regional Chairman. Each successful application will be awarded a Certificate of Affiliation which will be copied to the Single Service Secretary or Regional Secretary.


  1. The process for Unit Affiliation is as follows;


  1. Ensure the boxing gym meets all of the criteria detailed in Annex A to this Section.


  1. Ensure all Coaches read and understand the Unit Emergency Action plan.


  1. Ensure all Coaches have a valid First Aid Qualification (see Section 5 Para 4).


  1. Review the Risk Assessments associated with unit boxing training.


  1. Supervise the initiation of the registration process of all unit boxing Coaches.


  1. Formulate a nominal roll of the Boxers that the unit wishes to register assuring each Boxer’s previous contact sport experience.


  1. Get the Commanding Officer to sign the nominal roll as accurate.


  1. Task the Unit Head Coach with initiating the Boxers’ registrations online (See Para 4).


  1. Arrange payment for Coaches and Boxers registrations (Service Only Boxers – Army only by bank transfer to ASCB Acc: 10529980 Sort: 16-19-26 referencing Boxing and your unit or by cheque made payable to CENTRAL BANK ASCB).


  1. Arrange Annual Medicals for all Boxers on nominal roll.


  1. Send signed nominal roll and Affiliation Application to sS Boxing Association.